1. reminiscing over this show, waiting for this album

    Kaserne Basel

    Switzerland 2014


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  3. WE/\RLD TOUR 2014

    Melkweg, Amsterdam

    21 March 2014


    it’s odd but it’s future


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  5. f for you

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  6. low low low low

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    JMSN X @abdashsoul

    Give it to me

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  9. "Can’t wait until I’m old and wise enough to say “I’ve wasted my life” instead of “I’m wasting my life.”"
    — Stefan (via theories-of)
  10. mensweardog:

    Menswear Dog Capsule Collection

    Hey guys, We just want to take a moment to thank everyone so much for the continued support for this site and our project. We’re now thrilled to announce that we’re launching our first ever menswear-inspired canine fashion collection!

    We’re also partnering with the Rescue Paw Foundation so that every little bit helps sponsor a shelter animal in need. Check out the link below to help support our dreams, and this fantastic cause.

    The Menswear Dog Collection on Indiegogo